I will quote my tweet that I posted well before this engagement - "Always maintained to change the myopic view that @blockchain is #cryptocurrency enabler only - #Appstack needs #blockchaintechnology"
The ideal conditioning of blockchain is to be treated as new and upcoming technology rather than trying to fit it into technology stack "as has been done so far". 
It is a technology of trust. It has security features but is it mature enough to stand the test of cyber security ethos? 
So, here is the deal... No big deal but yet a deal. Transactions between A to B, could be tenders, insurance policies, wherever you are signing a document without reading the fine print, can come into conceptual rim of blockchain. And by proffering the distributed db to make it transparent into contracts and will eat into technology stack, fine by us. Reduction in opacity is one good goal to achieve. Not to mention, less paper, environment-friendly, green technology, approval at the source, commoditizing technology etc. are objectives to be achieved in the long run.
Now looking at concurrent platforms based on blockchain methodology - Hyperledger for example - https://www.hyperledger.org/ Do that meet those objectives? 
Explaining that would be my next post but would love to hear from expert panelists on this introduction and opinion. 

Thanks - Dr Ojas K